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About us

About the blog:

FamilyOriented.Net is a family-friendly magazine blog that discusses family-friendly, family-oriented things and activities. The main goal of creating this blog is to help people so that they can live in a better family. People from all over the world can visit, read and follow our website and social media channels for fresh and informative content. We are committed to sharing only family-friendly and family-oriented things, but no vulgarity or other content that may affect your family members. So, this blog is safe for any culture or religious people.

About me:

I’m Adam Artuk who is a family-oriented person. I love spending most of my free time with family and friends. Blogging is one of my passions. In 2021, I feel the need to establish a family-friendly blog, and the FamilyOriented.Net is the result of that. In this blog, I prefer to share my family matters and real-life experience. I also love to write anything about home decor, design, and gardening. Keep connected with us; I hope we can add value to your family.

Let’s talk about our family…

I got married on August 13, 2020, and My wife gave birth to her first baby girl on July 20, 2021. The nickname of our baby is Adila. I call her in many sweet names like Adila banu, pakhi, Adila pakhi, tunku pakhi, tunku moni etc. When we get some free time, we love to spend our time with her by talking, playing, and outing. At the age of 14-17 months, she invented some new words like ba.., hush, mum, mimmi, mu.. etc., which are really so funny.

Currently, we live in a joint family of 8 members, including myself, my wife, Adila, my mother, my elder brother and his wife, and their two kids. Among my all brothers and sisters, I’m the smallest person in our family. We’d lost our father in 1996 when I was a kid of 6 years, and it was the biggest loss in my life.

You may ask why we live in a joint family. Actually, there are a lot of benefits of living in a joint family. I can share some benefits here are; sharing, caring, and financial support, and we never feel alone. I may share all the benefits in another blog post.