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Family Oriented New Year’s Resolution Ideas for the Full Family

New Year'ss Resolution
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It’s approaching the start of a New Year. Christmas has been and gone, we’ve gone overboard with food and we start to hear, “next year I’ll be…” Yep, it’s time for those good old resolutions.

So, what is a New Year’s resolution? It’s a promising one makes to themselves to continue with all the good they’ve been doing and possibly starting fresh with some not so desirable traits.  As sure as a squirrel’s new year’s resolution is to collect as many nuts as possible, people commit to weight loss, starting the gym, being a “better version of themselves”. And how to make a New Year’s resolution? To do it, you just decide what your goal is and commit. Sounds easy, right?

Cue, New Year’s resolution meme.

New Year's Resolution
image SOURCE: quickmeme.COM

But, did you know that by February, just one month after making that commitment, most people have already given up. That’s because we tend to make promises of change on things that, let’s face it, aren’t much fun. That take effort and every day planning, creating new routines, the list goes on and it sounds exhausting.

Considering most individual resolutions are given up only a month into the new year and that team work makes the dream work, how about with this upcoming new calendar year you decide to make new resolutions, as a family. Think of it as an annual bucket list. It doesn’t have to be revolutionary or earth-shattering. It just means dedicating a chunk of time on a regular basis to do something together.

Families will have their own traditions and activities that they do on a regular basis but just in case you’re struggling, here are some ideas for family oriented New Year’s resolutions;

1. Set Goals –

It’s been proven that achieving a goal or aspiration is a lot easier when you have people supporting you. At the start of the new year, take time as a family to each right down one goal that you want to have achieved by the end of the year. Once you have written your goal down, pass your bit of paper (or type note to save paper!) onto the family member on your right. Each person will then write down something under your goal that they feel they can do to help you achieve it. This is a big resolution, this is a promise by each member of the family there to support each other’s dreams and ambitions. Check in regularly with each other to see how it’s going and don’t forget that support you offered!

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2. Plant a Tree Together-

We all know the strains the entire world is currently under due to climate change. Humanity has a responsibility to reverse the damage that has been done and commit to doing more to protect the planet. As a family, consider how well your daily efforts are. Are you all recycling properly? Can you cut down electricity? Could you walk instead of drive somewhere? Every day actions are important, but a consider a bigger, momentous action. Planting a tree. It could be one tree, it could be a tree for each member of the family, or it could be a tree a month. Just think of the impact we could make if we all considered a resolution such as this.

3. Weekly No Screen Days-

Linking with the idea above, we can use less electricity and connect more to our families, if once a week we decide to have a ‘no screen day’. It doesn’t have to be the full day, but enough time to make an impact. We are all so connected to our screens, you’re reading this right now on one, right? We need electronics for daily life, it’s just a fact of how we live now. However, we still need human interaction, something that has dwindled during the pandemic and isolating. To disconnect from screens and reconnect with people is a powerful thing. Have a meal together where all screens are banned, including TV. The time without screens doesn’t have to spent together but it’s wonderful seeing imaginations ignite and questions appear from children as their minds started thinking of things to do.

4. Move together –

Another one to benefit the environment and ourselves. Is somewhere you drive to within walking distance? Ditch the car and take a stroll through nature together. Being in the fresh air and taking in the sights around you can open fascinating discussions with children. If walking isn’t your idea of fun, get together with the family and come up with a sport you would all like to try out together. Maybe someone has wanted to try a new activity but been too nervous to do it alone, give it a go together.

5. Yes Day –

If you’re a brave enough parent, you could serve up the option of a ‘Yes Day’. Where your children call the shots, the only rules are; no one gets hurt and nothing gets damaged. Good luck!

6. Try Something New –

This is a fun one. It could be as simple as, one of the children has never tried a certain food or something more fun such as never been tenpin bowling before. Everyone in the family must come up with at least one thing they have never done before but has always wanted to try. The only thing is, it must be something you can do together.

7. Collect Memories –

With plans in place, new adventures and goals to pursue, it’s going to be quite the year ahead. One final idea for now, would be to ensure you stop to appreciate the things you have achieved and each other. Take photos of everything you’ve been doing and create a scrapbook or start a “memory” or “thankful” jar where people write down a favourite moment with the family and add to the jar. At the end of the year, take a moment to look through it together. You will be surprised at the amount each of you have achieved.

There are a huge number of activities you can promise to do together as a family but the biggest priorities when make a ‘Family Oriented New Year’s Resolution’ is to do it together, support one another and make it fun!