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What things to know when getting older?

A happy man getting older
Photo by Craig McKay from Pexels

Who doesn’t want to live a healthy and happy life? To lead a happy life, you need to focus on many things and be conscious in every step of your life. How can you lead a healthy and happy life? First of all, you should be physically and mentally fit, then there also needs some other things. In this article, I will discuss all things you need to know to be happy in your life. So, let’s start learning those things step by step.

You should check up on the following two things.

1) Blood pressure.
2) Blood sugar.

You should avoid the following four things

1) Always regretting for the past activities. If there are any mistakes in the past, then you can take it as a good lesson & do better in the next.
2) Worrying about getting older. Getting older is natural, so there is no need to be worried.
3) Emotional anxiety or worry.
4) Always groaning in sorrow.

5 things to avoid as much as possible from your food habit.

1) Sugar
2) Salt
3) Excess fat foods
4) Processed foods
5) Extra fried foods

Increase the following five things in your food habit as much as you can.

1) All kinds of green vegetables, beans or beans etc.
2) Fruits,
3) Almonds,
4) Protein foods.

Always try to keep 7 things with you for peace of mind or happiness.

1)  You should have at least one really good friend in your life. A good friend can make you happy in many ways.
2) Be family-oriented. Keep some time for  Your entire family, and engaged with them. Sometimes you can do a few fun activities with them. Fun activities help you and your family keep smiling and anxiety-free.
3) Always think of better things.
4) Build a safe house or shelter where you can live with your family members.
5) Try to be happy with little things. Just say you are perfect what you’ve.
6) To keep yourself away from the worries of extra money.
8) Perform salats regularly and sometimes engage yourself in spiritual practice.


Practice the following six things in your daily life.

1) Talking to everyone with a smile.
2) Not to be arrogant.
3) Treat people well.
4) Exercise regularly. Walk/run regularly for a while.
5) Control your weight.
6) Lead a simple and honest life. Never tell a lie.


Seven things to avoid.

1) Loan
2) Don’t be greedy
3) Laziness
4) Hate
5) Time wasting
7) Slandering
6) Any form of intoxication or addiction.


Never do five things.

1) Eating with excess appetite,
2) Drinking water in excess of thirst. When you are too much thirsty, then drink water very slowly to avoid any type of accident.
3) Going to bed with extra weakness,
4) Taking rest after being too much tired
5) Going to the doctor when you are very sick,
Be careful to keep yourself healthy at all times.

Note: Do you have any other suggestions? Please let us know. If I find that good then I will enlist it in the list.

Stay healthy – stay well – keep well