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The Complete Guide for Studying the SHSAT Exam

Photo by Max Fischer: pexels.com

The SHSAT or Specialized High Schools Admissions Test is a highly competitive admissions process, and you’ll need to meet specific requirements in order to get accepted into a top college. Finding a strategy that works for you is crucial as there are different methods to be ready for the SHSAT.

A solid commitment to skill improvement is the first step in the year-long process of getting ready for the SHSAT Exam. The SHSAT Exam is a challenging and demanding test, but with careful planning and preparation, students may pass it and receive a good score. To get the most out of your test preparation, you need to figure out a technique to keep up with your studying.


Figure out what motivates you.

To stay motivated and focused while studying for the SHSAT, you can do a variety of things. First, identify your driving forces. Is it acceptance into a prestigious university? Or maybe you want to explore what you’re capable of by pushing yourself to the edge. Once you have determined what motivates you, find ways to keep it up.

For example, suppose you’re worried about getting into a top school. In that case, research schools that have very high admission rates and are known for being some of the best public high schools in New York City and use that motivation to keep you focused during your exam. If you’re motivated by getting into a top school, visualize yourself going to an elite university and being surrounded by other high achievers. If you want to push yourself as hard as possible, use that to keep you focused. If the thrill of achievement is what you are looking for, find ways to simulate it throughout your practice examinations.

It’s important to know what motivates you and how to maintain that motivation since studying for the SHSAT is not an easy process. There will be moments when you experience burnout or find it difficult even to open your notes, so knowing what motivates you is essential.


Start early and set up a study schedule.

While cramming is not a viable option for the SHSAT, you should still make sure that you have enough time to study and that your time spent studying is adequate. You’ll need to get started right away, so allow plenty of time. Making a study schedule is a helpful strategy for doing this. You should allot time each day for studying for the test, and you should keep note of how many hours you put in. To give your brain a break from studying, it’s also crucial to take days off.

It may be challenging to find time for this if you have many obligations outside of school, but it’s crucial. Setting up a certain amount of time each day for studying is the most effective approach to do that. If you’re unsure of how much time to dedicate to studying each day, start with at least 30 minutes and increase it from there.


Spend at least 30 minutes a day reading.

The SHSAT is the most crucial test for admission to a prestigious university; hence preparation is vital. Reading outside class is a helpful strategy for preparing for the SHSAT. Your ability to comprehend the material on the test will improve as you read more. Depending on the specific type of question on the test, the quantity of reading you must accomplish for each topic area might differ significantly.

For your brain to have enough time to acquire new words and their meanings, you should read for at least 30 minutes every day outside of school. To avoid being startled by anything when it’s time to take the test, you should prepare as much as possible and ensure you comprehend all the topics.


Make sure to study Mathematics.

When getting ready for the SHSAT, studying math is important because it will be covered on the test. The majority of students studying for this exam will concentrate on their reading and writing abilities, but if they don’t know how to study math well, they may overlook it. This can be a mistake as the SHSAT is meant to gauge your capacity for problem-solving.

You should review all of the mathematics topics you could think of, and even if they are multiple-choice questions, guessing the answers is not the solution just because you can’t solve a simple problem. Review each item in your study materials that pertain to mathematics, or you can start with the basics of the subject, then pay close attention to any topics that you find challenging.


Make use of your study materials.

You may also study for the SHSAT using study materials. The best study guides will assist you in understanding the exam, determining the sorts of questions that will be asked, and determining the correct answers. Many students may find these resources quite beneficial, but only when used in addition to other forms of learning.

You can use your personal notes, class notes, and any study materials or practice exams that your instructor or school may have given you. Many students also utilize books to study for exams, which may be an excellent way to gain additional practice before the test. Having study materials may speed up and improve the learning process compared to simply reading your textbook.


Take practice tests.

The highly competitive SHSAT multi-choice test includes a wide range of academic subjects. There are various strategies to prepare for the SHSAT, but taking practice tests is one of the best. By taking practice tests, you may acquire a sense of the test’s format and the kinds of questions it will contain so that you’ll be prepared when you take it on test day.

You may also monitor your progress and determine which sections or certain subjects are the most challenging for you to score well. You’ll be able to plan how you’ll study for the day and decide on which subject to concentrate on more as a result.


Join study groups.

Study groups can also help you prepare for the SHSAT by discussing ideas and giving insights on how to solve topics or problems that are tough for one another. The goal of a study group is to assist each other review ideas and acquire diverse approaches to answering problems. This is just an optional way for you to study for the SHSAT.

This one is ideal for you if you’re the kind of student who feels more productive or who can learn a lot from study groups. However, it’s also OK if you believe you can study alone and don’t require a group of people to be there. In fact, since no one will be interfering with your learning, it’s frequently preferable to work alone. The way you study or learn new knowledge simply depends on your personality as a student.