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What is a Family Room VS Living Room?

The living room
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When it comes to semantics, ‘family room’ and ‘living room’ are used interchangeably. They do have similar functions and characteristics. The following article outlines the differences between the two in comparison.

What is a family room in a house?

Family room
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Do you want to know the definition for what is the family room? The answer is simple. The term family room is often used in homes with more than one space that is used as a lounge. One often becomes the living room, while the other is used as a family room. It is less formal and themed more towards comfort and practicability. As the name suggests, it is the space where a family meets and interacts. There are lots of activities that can take place in this space, from watching television to playing board games, relaxing, reading and doing everyday lounge activities.

The family room
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As for location, since it is mostly restricted to family members, it is often situated further back in the home. This is often closer to the kitchen or backyard access. Others prefer it to be upstairs next to the bedrooms.

A family room
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What is the living room?

Living room
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Unlike the family room, which is positioned more toward homely comfort, the living room is more formal. It is the space where one welcomes guests, both known and unknown to the family. As such, it is normally located as the first room you access when you enter a house.

Families often showcase their opulence in the living room. This is where luxurious accessories, delicate décor pieces and artwork are often placed.

What is the difference between the family room and the living room?

The differences between a family room and a living room are based on their purpose and design. A living room is typically more formal and is used for entertaining guests, while a family room is more casual and is used for family gatherings and everyday activities. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which type of space fits your needs and lifestyle. The below comparison chart for the family room vs living room will help you to understand the difference between them better.

Design Consideration Living Room Family Room
Size Often the largest room in the house Often smaller than the living room
Location Normally the first room when you enter a house Normally at the back of the house or upstairs
Purpose Mainly for a family to spend time or do activities together Mainly for hosting formal gatherings or guests
Furniture Expensive, luxurious pieces to show the opulence of the home Furniture is mainly for comfort and practicality
Decoration More formal e.g. wall art More personalized, e.g. personal photos
Furniture arrangement Furniture is placed towards the center of the room for purposes of conversation Furniture is placed closer to the walls to create more interaction space in the middle of the room
Noise Designed to be quiet spaces for conversation Designed for media consumption, e.g. television